BELKA Natural Wall Coating 
To Color Paint or Wallpaper for Room Design

Best Alternative

 The New Art of NATURAL Wall Design


Quality is Not a Slogan

Think big. We do.


Like no other paint or wallpaper , BELKA is a contemporary and sophisticated interior cotton wall coating ( cotton paint ) for best design of your room. Its natural and colorful .

BELKA is a special design to deliver stunning professional durable cotton wall coating for your room and best alternative to wallpaper & paint .


 Easy to Install Easy to Remove

Applicable on any Surface

No Need to Substructures

High Physical Resistance

High Speed of Installation

100% Natural  Material

No Cracks-No Seams

More than 60 Colors

Humidity Resistant

Acoustic Insulation​

Light Coordination



Flame Safe

Insect Free

Odor Free 

,with Unique Features turkey

BELKA Stylish and Special Product 100% NATURAL

Who we are

We believe that as a family member of BELKA Groups, we will have a big... Turkey

Colorful BELKA design photos

A different coating design experience with painting BELKA best colors... Turkey

BELKA benefits

BELKA assists you in bringing the beauty of colors & benefits of nature to your interior walls and ceilings... Turkey

Easy to apply

The coating and covering of BELKA design for your rooms is very easy and fast... Turkey


BELKA is the BEST way to add color

BELKA colorful cotton wall coating is the easiest and best alternative way to add color, texture and style to walls, ceilings and room, as well as being the best Alternative to color paintwallpaper. Today, besides residential, commercial and administrative buildings, Belka is suitable to be applied in education, health facilities, cinema and recording studios interior wall design and ceilings. Belka, modern, natural, smart and sophisticated interior wall coating material in color best Alternative to wallpaper and paints turkey Best Alternative natural  design walls

From now on, your wall will breaths and let you breath better.

Cover and design your walls with Belka and feel yourself in nature.

BELKA is the first choice 

BELKA is the first choice and best Alternative for environmental lovers and also is fast becoming the product of choice for Interior design ers and Builders looking to add color, dimension and sophistication to their projects that you just can not do with wallpaper, paint & cement renders. Turkey

Belka can be applied over all painted

BELKA can be applied over all color painted surfaces including high gloss finishes. ’BELKA’ can be used as a joint filler so no preparation to even out or fill cracks, gouges etc. needs to be done. Alternative to wallpaper,  a remarkable coating system.

Because Belka is made from color cotton

As BELKA is made from cotton, added benefits of coating ‘Belka’ to your interior walls is that it decreases room sound reflection; Preserves room thermal balance & diffuses light reflection…. giving a more natural dynamic to any room with paint color. Turkey

A commercial tradesman, plasterer or renderer can install approximately 5 m² of ‘Belka’ in an hour (on flat surfaced rooms) Turkey

BELKA is NOT another paint or wallpaper

By use of BELKA natural wall coating, putting multiple paint colors on a wall or room, creating patterns or murals with seamless finishes has never been easier. Belka cotton coating, best natural Alternative to color paint & wallpaper in your room walls design. Turkey design walls

BELKA "The New Art of NATURAL Wall Design"

Yes, 100% NATURAL And the Best Alternative to Paint or Wallpaper in any color. It’s Eco Friendly, in Turkey and Makes Your Property AMAZING.. .Papel & Pintado &  Wandbeschichtung & Try It. in turkey


marks an evolution in render

BELKA has been specially designed to deliver stunning & professional &  durable cotton paint paper in home wall painting, no matter  what the interior surface is.

Like no other, Belka is  a contemporary and sophisticated interior cotton wall coating and wall covering material in paint color,  as good as your room.

The Smart Eye-Catching FABULOUS Unigue BELKA

By choosing natural paint (new products), you will receive the benefits of natural cotton paint in your life. BELKA is best natural Alternative to wall covering product for any room with no chemicals. New product of interior room painting in any design replacing wallpaper, color paint and wall coverings.

Stay in touch in natural room walls. Using natural cotton wall coating in your life,  help you have a better feeling. Throw away all traditional paints, wallpapers, wallcoverings. Apply Belka, the new natural cotton wall covering in your rooms and take advantages of it's natural benefits.

Belka is available in over 60 colors​ in smooth, textured and . . .

belka color catalog

to any design or

Any surface with any size in your mind.

Designing with Belka is unlimited.

In Today's World The Smart products of BELKA have Replaced

old Products Such as Wallpaper, Painting, spreading from Turkey.

Belka is your best natural Alternative for your living spaces 

(living room , bedroom , kitchen, and bathroom)

as well as your working environment.

In summary, BELKA can be used any where that there are walls such as office, shopping center, cinema, school, library, sport complex, and etc. 

          With BELKA you can feel the life!

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