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The color blue creates a sense of calm and relaxation, even lowering blood pressure and heart rate and that’s why they say it heals. Blue is a fit color to transform a boring, drab room into something truly eye-catching.
Blue is considered a cool color and dark shades of blue, carry in themselves a relaxing atmosphere that invites you to read or rest. It is also a color of reliability and trust. Blue can be used to create a clean and serene space. The shade is cool and soothing, evoking a sense of peace that’s perfect for work, meditation, reading, or relaxation.
It is used to design the interior space to enlarge the room by a very light shade of blue. If you like to use deep blue shades in the decoration of the walls, then it should be done, oddly enough, in small rooms. Borders visually dissolve, as if in a night haze, and the room will look chamber and cozy. This method is suitable for offices, small bedrooms and libraries.
Due to all these characteristics, the shades of blue are most commonly used in the bedroom and living room, but they can be used in the bathrooms and large kitchens, in order to stimulate that calming effect. If used in kitchen, blue color is said to decrease appetite and you can lose weight. the living room will make an attractive and stylish blue wall or ceiling. Blue is perfect for kid’s room, especially if you play the sea theme or combine warm tones of blue with bright cheerful contrasts.
For a Serene Life use blue in your interior design.
The perfect thing about blue is that it works so well with other colors, especially oranges, golds, and whites. The classic combination of blue and white creates a feeling of freshness and lightness. White color perfectly shades absolutely any blue shades: from cobalt and indigo to azure blue and turquoise. Blue color perfectly combines with the shades of orange, yellow and gold which they can make it warmer. Contrasting combination creates an extraordinary interior in the style of eclecticism. Fans of bold color solutions can combine blue with red, pink, fuchsia color. These colors enhance the saturation of blue. This contrasting combination will suit creative people who are not afraid of experimentation. Also, perfectly combines blue with all shades of blue and gray.

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