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Green is a lively color, and it symbolizes renewal and growth. It is the color you see the most in the natural environment. It is the power of green, which manages energy to rebalance us. Green is generally used in association with nature, vivacity, life, growth, fertility, springtime, freshness, hope, youth, calmness, tolerance, positiveness and love.

The psychological effects of green color are similar to those of blue, green is perceived as calm and clear. Green is very soothing to the eye and nature gives us a lot of nuances. The best way to use green in the interior design is to combine several green colors or green combined with other colors. Considered the most restful color for the eye, green can transcend a sense of calmness and security when used in interior design. Green helps people feel rested and secure. Olive green is the traditional color of peace. The color green strikes a balance between head and heart.

Ceiling: Green creates a protective atmosphere when used for ceilings. It should be done with light cautious green.
Walls: Mild green tones create a cool and calm feeling on the interior walls. For better effect use light colors or combine dark shades with light greens.

Pairing light green with gray can create a modern feel, and using different shades in one room can add contrast.

It makes an ideal wall color in spaces where you need to open your mind such as kitchens and home studies, and, as it’s closely linked to money, it’s a sensible choice for business properties. It looks great with white and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

In the kitchen, green cools things down; in a family room or living room, it encourages unwinding but has enough warmth to promote comfort and togetherness.

Since green is the most often seen color in nature, you can this idea to turn your bedroom into a refreshing place, with natural colors and materials

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