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Black is the strongest of the neutral colors. It’s commonly associated with power, elegance, and formality. Black is sign of mystery, glamour, security, emotional safety and efficiency. Black can make it easier to convey a sense of sophistication and mystery in a design.

Black wall colors, black furniture and decor accessories are trendy. Black wall color looks elegant and intriguing, dramatically changing mood in a room and helps balancing its proportions. Great for any room or interior design style, black interior decorating.

Kids are too tender for dark room decor, and modern interior decorating ideas offer cheerful, happy and dynamic alternative, bold wall color combinations for kid’s bedroom decorating. However, it needs combination with white, cream, yellow, red and other light colors.

Modern black wall patterns inspire fresh interior decorating ideas and add interesting themes to room decor, creating unique and spectacular interior design.

Black wall colors need other interior decorating colors to balance and harmonize room design. Black wall color, white and black color combinations, or black and gray combinations create strong contrasts and should be diluted with brighter accents that nicely blend with black.

Black and white decorating colors, black wallpaper designs or wall paint, combined with room furniture and decor accessories in soft and light colors, like tender pink, light green, sky blue, light purple, golden colors, creamy white or beige, look very stylish, harmonious and inviting. Black combination with all warm and cold colors and neutral colors will bring a charming result on your wall.

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