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Orange is often used to draw attention. Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Orange is a strong and energetic color. It’s surprisingly versatile.

Orange is considered wholesome and fruitful. Those who like orange are friendly and get along with everyone.

The color will also inspire us to be active

This color is great for an exercise room, it will bring out all the emotions that you need released during your fitness routine. In ancient cultures, orange was believed to heal the lungs and increase energy levels.

Orange stimulates appetite and can add spice to a dining area. An orange dining room certainly looks like a place to have some lively dinner conversations. Many restaurants use different shade of orange for their wall decor as they promote conversation and social interaction, which in turn encourages people to have a good time and to eat and drink more.

If you really want to inject some energy into a room, orange is the color for you! Orange is super high energy and instantly adds a sense of fun and playfulness to a space.

Orange helps us to get rid of disappointments and offers emotional strength in difficult times. In fact, orange is so optimistic and uplifting that we should all find ways to use it in our everyday life, even if it is just a touch of color in our life.

With its enthusiasm for life, the color orange relates to adventure and risk-taking, inspiring physical confidence, competition and independence. Those inspired by orange are always on the go!

A bright orange accent wall is a great way to add a burst of energy to a living room. It is fresh, fun, and full of life. Keep in mind that it’s more recommended for living rooms than bedrooms. Orange color will star in a modern interior design as an accent color among cold or neutral colors.

Orange works great with all neutral colors and many shades of blue or green color in interior design. Orange with yellow and also red will be exciting. Blue provides excellent contrasting color with orange.

Golden orange represents vitality and self-control. 

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