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Red causes feelings of energy, power, strength and determination, also passion, desire, and love. There are various shades of red: light red shades used in modern interior design to motivate passion, sensitivity and sexuality, and make room feel romantic and impressive. Reddish-brown is related to harvest and fall, and dark red is associated with willpower, leadership, courage and longing.

Interior designers believe “Red is never boring.” It is a magnificent accent color, you can use it to transform a ‘cool’ a strong color, red raises a room’s energy and is a great way to a host to fire up excitement, particularly at night. Red stimulates conversation and creates a strong first impression.

A touch of red can warm up a cool colored room, or add drama when used as the main color in a small space. Different patterns and shades of red can work together to transfer a room into a graceful adorable one.

Red is a color that adapts well to a lot of different styles. Modern and contemporary interiors are just as likely to look great with a few red accents as traditional spaces are.

A red wall decor for living rooms is a wonderful idea if you want to bring your home to life. You could use different shades of that color and try using a two-colored style like dark red and light red or combine with another color like white or yellow or even a touch of orange. Whatever you choose, red wall is good to go!

By combining red with other colors, you have plenty of red ideas. Red with soft gray and touches of magenta can make a room feel cozy feminine soft.

Red with a touch of dark blood red will feel warmer than pure red with light pink which is calm and quiet. Orange among reds will make you feel energized. Luxurious red walls make a dining room feel dramatic and elegant.

An exciting, vibrant yet classic color combination of red, is the blend of black, red and white. This energetic wall, will cause a big magic home. Red and white is a fabulous combination which lets you emphasize on your elegant red. The classic color combination of red, sky blue and yellow exhibits a welcoming warmth and an invigorating character and deserves attention.

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