New smart interior wallpaper
You can cover Belka on any surface

belka cotton paint

As a New smart interior wallpaper, Belka can be used on any surface. You can cover Belka on plaster, cement, wood, metal, glass or all painted surfaces such as acrylic, water or oil based. You can even use Belka to cover a wall with surface flaws such as unevenness, holes, gaps and cracks – just apply straight over them. New special Belka is designed by belkagroups to deliver stunning professional durable finishes no matter what the surface is.


Smart Belka can be applied directly onto any brick surface. You dont need any preparation to cover this new interior wallpaper produced by belkagroups. Thus you save money and time in application and preparation  phases.


Any plaster surface is handy to cover smart Belka by belkagroups. This new interior wallpaper can directly cover any plaster surface in your home or office.


New Belka products has no limitation to cover. Smart interior wallpaper can be covered over any glass surface. In case of black carbon contamination of the glass, belkagroups suggest cleaning with foam and cloth.


Smart and natural Belka can cover any ceramic surface. Belkagroups' new interior wallpaper delivers stunning professional durable finishes in many color and pattern.

Decorative painted surfaces

All kinds of decorative painted surfaces can be covered with smart Belka, new interior wallpaper. Acrylic water or oil based paint surfaces are an appropriate substructure to apply Belka by belkagroups.


You can apply new smart interior wallpaper on any wallpaper. Belka by belkagroups can easily cover even embossed, projected or decayed wallpaper. 


Smart Belka cover unevenness and high porosity cement surfaces. Level difference, cracks or out of shape corners are not problem with our new interior cotton wallpaper by belkagroups.


Any metal surfaces also have no limitation for our smart interior wallpaper. In case the surface is oily, belkagroups suggest to prepare Belka paste stiffer than the usual.

Painted surfaces

Even any oil paint surfaces are proper headstock for the application of BELKA interior wallpaper. Due to the sliding condition of oil surfaces, new smart BELKA paste should be prepared stiffer than usual.

Aerated concrete

Belka interior wallpaper offers endless colors and patterns that will allow you to take your walls where your imagination goes. Putting new smart Belka on any wall, creates patterns or murals with seamless finishes.


Before application of new smart BELKA on wooden surfaces, it is better to smear the surface with tetronium to get the best result and quality. Apply any Belka interior wallpaper and enjoy benefits provided by belkagroups.

Belka interior wallpaper is the natural solution for the green future. 

belka award

2009 Best New Product Award Winner in Australia


2010 “GIC Award” from GIC International Organization



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