Cover your room with Belka style
sound light and heat insulation


With heat and sound proof benefits, Cover your room with Belka style wallpaper using 60 color options and any combination of wallpapers is possible. Belka with heat and sound benefits ...

Belka style wallpaper is applicable on many different surfaces due to its independence from substructure. You may apply Belka wallpaper for style, design, light insulation or sound insulation.

Belka powder is a light and sound proof product and made of %100 natural fibers and the only solvent needed is natural water. As a result, there will be no bad smell or chemical gases in the environment while covering Belka style to your room .

Smart Belka cover is made of natural VOC free materials. Cover your room with natural Belka wallpaper made from cotton, decorative mineral stones and permissive additives.

Most of house thermal heat waste is through ceiling and walls in your room. Natural Belka acts as a thermal, sound and light proof insulator and avoids energy loss. Belka saves inner heat and costs as much as possible.

One of Belka benefits is insect-free environment. Since insects mostly used to accomodate in environments with high alkalinity levels (PH < 7), natural Belka will keep your property far from insects by maintaining 7 PH like water

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Since Belka wallpaper is a water based cover, it never gets peeled from the walls due to humidity and heat. with light sound and heat proof feature, cotton Belka cover is resistant to humidity.

In addition to light and heat insulation, Belka bring sound proof and acoustic insulation to your room wall. Due to porosity of the surface, the cotton cover style neutralizes the sound and light reflections.

After pulling the nails and pins out, the hole will be covered with due to self-healing benefits of cotton Belka wallpaper. In case of bigger damages, spray water therapy on cotton Belka wallpaper.

Due to electrostatic free feature, Belka cover doesn't absorb dust, soot or floating particles in the air. In case of some dirt spots or writing on the walls, spray water on the dirty spot and Belka will recover itself.

Belka is made of natural cotton and mineral stones without any chemicals, petroleum or oil additives. If Belka get exposure to direct fire flames, the exposed area gets burned but the flame doesn't expand.

Light reflection is an insensible noise in our environment which increases stress and distracts our focus. Surface porosity of Belka absorbs light. Belka cover is also light proof when apply on glass. 

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Belka cotton wall paint

belka cotton

All your dreams will comes true.  Beauty is in your eyes .....and in your soul.

Belka brings benefits of

natural to your finishes

belka award

2009 Best New Product Award Winner in Australia


2010 “GIC Award” from GIC International Organization



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