Easy to apply with trowel, See our Photo below

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Easy to prepare with water, See our Video below

Take enough natural Belka powder in a container big enough to mix with water. Add approximately 5 liters of water for each Kg. of Belka powder. Mix the natural powder and water for at least 10 min. for best consistency of dough. Attention: For best apply of natural Belka wallpaper, leave the mixture for 30 min. before apply. See apply photo below. Then massage the natural Belka product again. Use easy Belka trowel to apply the natural product to the surface. The recommended apply thickness of natural Belka wallpaper should be between 1mm to 2mm. This can be best achieved by allocating 300 grams of dry natural Belka Powder per Sq. m. See video and photo for detailed apply.

Easy to apply , Natural Wallpaper
See Belka Video and photo

your dreams comes true with BELKA

Natural smart Belka is NOT another paint or wallpaper

BELKA is the best, natural, easy and cost-effective way to apply color, texture, pattern and style on your walls and ceilings. Smart natural Belka is the best alternative to color paint or photo wallpaper. Today, besides residential, commercial and administrative buildings, smart Belka is suitable to apply in education, health facilities, cinema and photo video studios' interior walls and ceilings. Natural Belka is modern, sophisticated and best interior wall covering material. You may see Belka apply photo below.

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Belka, different to

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Belka is in powder form and can be stored for 5 years

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2009 Best New Product Award Winner in Australia


2010 “GIC Award” from GIC International Organization



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