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Cover the SURFACE and WALL defects by BELKA, forever

you can easily apply belka on walls and ceilings at your home or office

As a NEW alternative to paint and wallpaper, Belka can be used on all kind of interior surfaces. It’s simple to prepare and apply the NATURAL wall coating of Belka on brick, plaster, paint, ceramic, tile, wallpaper, glass, cement, wood, gypsum, metal and etc.

BELKA is Unique and Smart, results an ELEGANT wall and ceiling

BELKA covers all unevenness, holes, gaps, cracks and seams of the surface of your walls and ceilings, just with one coat. BELKA doesn’t crack and gets a flat surface. The NEW product of BELKA wall covering, is designed by Belka Group to deliver a professional beautiful durable healthy finish for your walls and ceilings to make a stunning interior design.

Watch the videos below to see applying BELKA on different surfaces

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An excellent combination! The colors in this combination are neutral and just B56 has a tone of light green which is matt and made the combination phenomenal. Cream is a flexible color and it works well with other colors. White is the color of cleanliness and is shining among other colors. This combination is appropriate for workspaces and living areas with all kind of interior styles.

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You can buy BELKA colors separately as per your desired quantity and by combining them together, apply on your own to create your beautiful room.
You can order by square meter to receive the complete service to being applied by our technicians, and your order will be delivered on your desired surfaces with guarantee. Minimum order for ordering service is 10 m2 (10 square meters).





Create your beautiful UNIQUE Dream &
Aspiration NOW with BELKA

You can mix two, three or more colors of BELKA as powder together and create a new color, also you can combine BELKA colors together after preparation and as paste, to bring a fantastic unique beautiful design that suits your interior design.

Click below and see some inspiring samples of combined BELKA colors