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Mixed Color

Brand: Belka Model: MX2.07A
A very bright combination of cream which is neutral and shades of B35 which shows bright pinkish purple, a positive color which inspires warm and comforting feelings. Good idea for girl’s bedroom and kids’ room. Also appropriate for all other areas such as living room. ..
$ 9.00 $ 12.00
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Brand: Belka Model: MX2.13A
This combination of B54 and B35 has crimson or dark red in it which gets its warmth from its red and bright purple and white made it fabulous. It makes walls of all areas, stunning and elegant. ..
$ 9.00 $ 12.00
Ex Tax:$ 9.00
Brand: Belka Model: MX3.24A
Cream is a flexible neutral color and gives power to the colors which are combined with. Light purple is associated with richness and royalty and dark red is associated with willpower and leadership. This warm combination is excellent for all living areas. ..
$ 9.50 $ 13.50
Ex Tax:$ 9.50
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