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Cover the SURFACE and WALL defects by BELKA, forever

you can easily apply belka on walls and ceilings at your home or office

As a NEW alternative to paint and wallpaper, Belka can be used on all kind of interior surfaces. It’s simple to prepare and apply the NATURAL wall coating of Belka on brick, plaster, paint, ceramic, tile, wallpaper, glass, cement, wood, gypsum, metal and etc.

BELKA is Unique and Smart, results an ELEGANT wall and ceiling

BELKA covers all unevenness, holes, gaps, cracks and seams of the surface of your walls and ceilings, just with one coat. BELKA doesn’t crack and gets a flat surface. The NEW product of BELKA wall covering, is designed by Belka Group to deliver a professional beautiful durable healthy finish for your walls and ceilings to make a stunning interior design.

Watch the videos below to see applying BELKA on different surfaces

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Mixed Colors: 
B7: %45
B31: %20
B56: %35

This mixture has been created with a clever skill. The dominant color is cream which is neutral and adding B56 and a touch of green by B31 made it an alive color combination which brings freshness and positiveness to your area. This is superior to all kind of spaces. Also great for ceiling.

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