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Use stencil to make an accurate design on your wall.

Stencils are a pattern or cut out used to give a design to the surface below. In practice, the stencil is usually a thin sheet of material, such as, plastic, wood or aluminum, with letters or a design cut from it, used to produce the letters or design on an underlying surface by applying Belka through the cut-out holes in the material.

You can print any picture, text, icon, mark, like a name or your business logo or a kind of a sign such as cartoon characters, a flower or anything that you like, on your walls.

Some stencils can be used repeatedly which helps to create bigger designs from one stencil. If you like repeated patterns on your wall, you can apply a simple color of Belka on wall and then use a stencil of your desired pattern, for applying another layer of Belka with another color, on it.