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Cover the SURFACE and WALL defects by BELKA, forever

you can easily apply belka on walls and ceilings at your home or office

As a NEW alternative to paint and wallpaper, Belka can be used on all kind of interior surfaces. It’s simple to prepare and apply the NATURAL wall coating of Belka on brick, plaster, paint, ceramic, tile, wallpaper, glass, cement, wood, gypsum, metal and etc.

BELKA is Unique and Smart, results an ELEGANT wall and ceiling

BELKA covers all unevenness, holes, gaps, cracks and seams of the surface of your walls and ceilings, just with one coat. BELKA doesn’t crack and gets a flat surface. The NEW product of BELKA wall covering, is designed by Belka Group to deliver a professional beautiful durable healthy finish for your walls and ceilings to make a stunning interior design.

Watch the videos below to see applying BELKA on different surfaces

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Mixed Colors: 
B31: %25
B56: %20
B41: %10
B34: %25
B7:  %20

Green is a lively color, and it symbolizes renewal and growth. Green is very soothing to the eye. It is the power of green, which manages energy to rebalance us. The best way to use green in the interior design is to combine several green colors together. Green helps people feel rested and secure so it’s an excellent idea to turn your bedroom and living room into a refreshing place, with natural colors and materials. As it’s closely linked to money, it’s a sensible choice for business properties.

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By combining Belka color codes you can create unlimited new colors and designs as per your taste. Here you can see one of the suggested color combinations and you can find its ingredient as below.

If you want to just buy Belka product and apply it on your own, you can do it by clicking on each color code of the ingredients and order the colors separately and combine together to make the desired mixture.

Or if you want to receive the complete service of SUPPLY and APPLY, which includes our technicians to come and apply it for you, click on “SERVICE REQUEST” and write your information, we will call you and arrange for the service.





Create your beautiful UNIQUE Dream &
Aspiration NOW with BELKA

You can mix two, three or more colors of BELKA as powder together and create a new color, also you can combine BELKA colors together after preparation and as paste, to bring a fantastic unique beautiful design that suits your interior design.

Click below and see some inspiring samples of combined BELKA colors