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13 Feb Contract Time
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Ellipsis International company succeed to attain the Kenya Sole Distributorship Contract which has been signed and activated on November, 2018 in Belka Headquarters and Ellipsis joined Belka Groups’ big family. Ellipsis International Limited (Certifi..
12 Feb Training Time
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After receiving the first consignment of Belka Product in Kenya, a training team including business development manager and system manager, traveled to Kenya to teach everything about Belka. The new product of Belka has been introduced to more than 3..
11 Feb Events
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For initial introduction of Belka product shopping shows have been lunched in two of big malls in Nairobi. 1- Hub mall, Karen, Nairobi. March, 2019 2- People could touch and test Belka product and as you see in the photos people could try Belka and t..
10 Feb Lunching the Showroom
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The Belka showroom has been lunched on November 2019 in Sarit Centre which makes you able to visit it whenever you want and there are different kind of applications including simple application and mixed colors that you can choose or you can get idea..
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