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Eco-friendly and Healthy

Eco-friendly Product

As inhabitants of Earth, it is our duty to try to sustain our planet, not just for its continuity but for our prolonged existence as humans as well. We must make it our obligation to retain the earth, so that Earth can last longer for us, for our kin, for our kind. We are proud to be an environmentally responsible manufacturer which has 20 years’ experience and success in 35 countries.

We continually invest in and improve upon our commitment to the Earth. Natural product of Belka is eco-friendly and it is made using the most advanced technology. Not only natural Belka is healthier for the environment, but also it can be healthier for you!

BELKA for Your Health

In addition to its unlimited decorative functions, Belka creates a better indoor air quality and keeps it clean and healthy due to its non-chemical ingredients.  

A healthy interior environment has an impact on mental and emotional welfare and in workspaces it causes a greater satisfaction and employee retention.

People often choose Belka, because of their kids and they feel safer with the natural material in their house. If you have allergies you can choose natural Belka. Belka can create a special atmosphere and make you feel like you are in the nature.

Belka Benefits

Belka has economic and environmental advantages of energy efficiency, no emissions, reduced waste and etc.. Due to its benefits such as acoustic insulation, heat and cold insulation, no cracks and flame safe.

Belka covers the walls quickly, without allergy-inducing fumes. Available in 60 original colors and unlimited mixed colors. Belka adds color and different designs to your wall and ceiling without infusing chemical harmful material for the environment.

Depending to how to care of Belka, typically lasts about five years (if not longer). Belka is high physical resistant and humidity resistant. We will continue to support your healthy interior design by our product, Belka.