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World Class Customer Service

World Class Customer Service

We identify customer’s needs and improve ourselves day by day to meet the expectations. We have established an excellent customer service system with a well-trained service team.

As you are aware unlimited colors can be made by Belka, we try to make different mixtures and add to our website in a continuous way that you can see and get idea.

We have also prepared a showroom which you can come and see and touch to get first hand experiences from the new product, Belka.


Customer is King

We do customer satisfaction survey in different ways to be aware of people’s reactions, opinion and their needs in order to be able to improve ourselves. After each project application we fill the customer satisfaction’s form and also, we have other ways to receive your feedbacks.

We try to give complete information to the customer in order to help them to get an informed decision and choose the best which is the most appropriate to them.

We have trained team to be pensive to the customers in order to support you and guide you about whatever you need to know. We provide you with delivery system. All codes are available in our warehouse.

You can contact our customer service to order product or ask any questions. We are easy to access everywhere such as through telephone, company website, email, face to face in showroom, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and wherever you search us.