Belkagroups established in 1996, and has operations in different countries. Our  vision  is  to have positive  impact  on  the  planet and society,  and  lead  industry into a more sustainable future. We are constantly focusing on improving and we don't settle for anything less than excellent in the company. We are committed to bring the best products to all our customers around the world. We seek to work in partnership with our agents and costumers for winning together. The world  is changing,  we  must  look  ahead  and  get  ready  for  tomorrow  today.        

GH Mahmoudi

Chairman of the Board

The product, dream design natural Belka and Gholamreza Mahmoudi have received several recognitions, certificates and awards in the past 22 years due to maintaining continual high standards and contributions to ideas for home.

Natural Belka product was also selected as Australia’s Best New Product of the Year in 2009. This honour was  gratefully received but also deserved. Belkagroups love environmental design ideas and committed to ensuring that their dream design product is not contributing to worldwide issues. Our dream design natural wallpapers has received the highest rank for eco-friendly and consumer health in the field of Wall Coatings Materials, from South Korea. In the same field, Belka wallpapers ideas has been classified as a wall coating material which “Failed to Ignite” from Australia, Germany, Turkey and the UK (documents, certificate, award pictures are available upon request).

Gholamreza Mahmoudi has also award several times personally for his work as seen on below photo and pictures. He was awarded within the top ten manufactures of the country as well as within the top ten of Industry elders of the country. Awards and certificate shown below photo and pictures are not to be overlooked as they are difficult to attain and require an in-depth analysis in order to achieve.

As an entrepreneur, his organization has provided around 15,000 job opportunities, and he has received recognition and awards from Economic Departments on this subject, showing his true dedication and commitment to improving living standards across the world with a safe and viable product. His vision is unique and always forward-facing. (Relevant product pictures, photo, videos, speeches, seminars, certificates and awards are available for those who are interested in learning more about our dream design natural wallpapers and product ideas for home)

Belka Award

We love ideas for home
dream design natural wallpapers & pictures


Belkagroups is looking ahead to lead the wall covering industry into a more sustainable future, natural design, home ideas. We love focusing on pictures like constantly improving our dream design products and wallpapers. The company’s primary vision is on having a positive impact on people and society. Belkagroups love to bring the best products to our consumers, and seeking to work in partnership with their distributors and customers for winning together. With our distributors, we love to create synergy and value for everyone involved, including customers, distributors, employees and society.

While Belkagroups continues to expand across the globe, attracting new consumers and markets every day, Gholamreza Mahmoudi and Belkagroups are committed to raising the bar and sourcing new ideas for home about dream design natural wallpapers.

For many, our dream design natural wallpapers are the solution that they love to design ideas for home with much-needed warmth and cleanliness at a reasonable cost. They love Belkagroups design ideas for home. You can find pictures and photo about natural dream design product ideas for home, natural wallpapers pictures, certificate and awards.

Mohsen Ghonodian

MD in accounting

Asieh Mirafzali

MD in accounting

Hedieh Samimi

MD in human resource

Hosein Irnejad

MD in chemistry science

Anna Saymon


belka award

2009 Best New Product Award Winner in Australia


2010 “GIC Award” from GIC International Organization



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