Designers, architects, and end-users share their stories as they materialize their projects with the use of our products. Their passion to create spaces that reflect their style and personality, combined with our innovative product ranges results in commercial and residential projects that communicate perfectly with its surrounding environment. Listen to their stories and be inspired.


Belka is a product designed and manufactured with the latest techniques and knowledge in the world and with a serious concern for protection of the environment. Belka products have been developed through years of incessant research and investment, aimed at replacing fossil-based paints and wallpapers that are harmful to humans and to the environment (and also produce greenhouse gases).

Belka is designed to replace a natural alternative to such harmful paints and wallpapers. It's made from natural cellulose, natural dyes and minerals that are free of any toxic VOC gases as well as heavy metals. It therefore has the highest level of safety for our environment and for our children, and provides a healthy environment for happiness and joy.


There are many reasons to use Natural Wall Coating Belka on your walls.


Many environmental energy researchers see Belka as a futuristic product designed and built based on an approach that is committed to environmental sustainability and humanitarian values.


Architects and interior designers are interested in Belka because of its decorative and aesthetics nature as well as its flexibility in size, color and material; it not only is the answer to the needs of customers, it also induces them to use their creativity and recommend it to others.


Belka’s unique features that make it different from others, are the speed and its ease of application.

It can be applied fast to all kinds of surfaces. Belka can be applied on all kinds of surfaces.

Due to its elasticity and flexibility (cellulosic fiber), Belka fills all the pores below the surfaces. This means that there is no need for any preparation. Belka's resistance against impact and forming cracks has made it a superhero among other interior wall coatings.


Working with Belka is very convenient and even enjoyable for the general public because Belka is free of any dust, odor or annoying factors during, before and after application.

As it can be quickly mounted on the wall and with its marvelous shapes and designs, it can change the living environment to suit all tastes in no time.

Moreover, it is suitable for all places such as residential, commercial, sports, or religious buildings or showrooms and exhibitions and even more. It easily communicates emotionally with us. And we will find a complete transformation in our home or work environment in only one day.


The two main causes of human psychological distresses are light and sound. As much as light and sound are integral parts of our lives, they can also harm human psyche.

Noise and light pollution in urban and developed societies are an integral part of human life that causes many problems, including disorders of the nervous system, the digestive system, and the kidneys, and has a direct negative effect on brain and ultimately the psyche. Today, they are one of the main concerns of researchers.

Belka's form and ingredients can reduce these pollutants. Therefore, as Gosche, a German researcher, says: Whatever that can be imagined in dreams, Belka has brought into reality