Why Belka?

Belka is NOT another paint, wallpaper

The Belka Difference begins with commitment to innovation, ultimate flexibility, premium ingredients and an exceptional level of performance. Made for the modern day builder or home renovator with limited time Belka offers a one coat solution for covering interior walls and ceilings. Best of all Belka does not require any surface preparation

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elastic, sound light heat proof cotton

Stunning Wall Covering

  • Elastic and Dust Proof

  • When dust is absorbed by a surface it results in the creation of a reversed electrical load otherwise known as static electricity which attracts more dust particles in the air to the surface. In different tests conducted around the world it has been found that cellulose fires create zero static electrical loads. As Belka is made from a combination of natural fires including cotton and cellulose fires it has anti-static properties that will not absorb or attract dust, allow insects to settle on the surface or allow mildew to form. This is because the cellulose and cotton fires absorb any moisture in the air stopping the fires from forming static electricity and subsequently absorb or attract dust.

  • No need to prepare Surface

  • In the past a wall coating could not be applied to a surface until that surface had been covered with a special foundation such as plaster, cement or gyprock. Now with Belka there is no need for this step as it can be applied directly onto brick work or any surface saving you time in application and preparation as well as money. Belka can be applied directly onto plaster, cement, tiles, wood, metal, glass and all painted surfaces without any surface preparation. It will also cover surface flaws such as unevenness, holes, gaps and cracks – just apply Belka straight over them. The high stability and elasticity of Belka means that once covered these surface flaws will not re-appear. Even better Belka requires only one coat for a professional finish that will stand the test of time.

  • Reduces Sound Reflection

  • Sound is part of our everyday sensory experience and we seldom take the time to think about the characteristics, behaviours and effects of sound. Like any wave, a sound wave doesn't just stop when it reaches an obstacle in its path. A sound wave will reflect off the obstacle, diffract around the obstacle or transmit and refract into the obstacle. It has also been found that when a sound wave comes into contact with a hard smooth surface it will almost always be reflected with little absorption.

    For this reason, acoustically minded builders around the world working with flat expanses have welcomed Belka as an alternative to the standard hard smooth materials used to coat walls and ceilings. Due to the textured finish and composition of Belka the majority of sound waves that come into contact with it rather than being reflected are absorbed and the rest diffused. This product feature has helped builders to soften surfaces to reduce echo and inhibit the passage of sound from one area to another. It is this quality that makes Belka the perfect choice for walls and ceilings in sound recording studios, gymnasiums and indoor recreational facilities, children’s rooms and medical facilities.

Belka Apply
Belka Color
Belka Easy To Apply
  • Has High Elasticity

  • In building and construction elasticity is the ability of a product to expand and contract without damage to or changes in its appearance or level of performance. Expansion and contraction are usually caused by temperature and humidity fluctuations. Because of the fibrous nature of Belka it has high elasticity and is not affected by expansion or contraction of the surface it is applied on. Once Belka is applied to a surface it will successfully cover surface flaws such as unevenness, holes, gaps and cracks … just apply Belka straight over them. The high stability and elasticity of Belka also means that once covered these surface flaws will not re-appear.

  • Maintains Thermal Balance

  • Every year millions of dollars are spent on heating and cooling homes and offices. We are committed to assisting you to make smarter building choices by offering you a wall coating solution that takes performance, versatility and energy saving to a whole new level. When applied to a surface Belka acts as an additional level of insulation providing you with a way to control the transmission of temperature through the walls and ceilings keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

    When Belka is applied to a surface in the correct thickness it will provide a thermal barrier that will completely seal any gaps and crevices and protect against draughts which account for up to 25 per cent of heat loss from a room in winter. It also works to prevent the summer heat from the outside entering a room through its walls. Because Belka is made of cotton and cellulose fires that have a natural tendency to absorb moisture it also helps to eliminate moisture problems such as condensation

  • Belka is Human Friendly

  • Belka has been designed and constructed to support the demand for the worldwide demand towards the wider use of building materials that are based on more natural ingredients that are both environmentally friendly as well as compatible with and safe for human contact. Belka does not contain solvents, chemical contaminants or heavy metals or chemicals such as: Cadmium (Cd), Chlorine (Cl), Copper (Cu), Cobalt (Co), Arsenic (As), Zinc (Zn), Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb) or formaldehyde. All plant fires used in Belka have been tested and are completely safe for human contact. The HH: HP ratio of Belka due to its solvency in water is 7 times. Belka’s has been carefully selected and precisely combined to ensure that it is compact and will bond securely to the surface eliminating the possibility of the release of residue over time.

BELKA Heat Insulation
  • Reduces Reflection of Light

  • The lighting in a room has a large impact on setting the tone for how we feel about it. Choosing the right type of wall and ceiling coating is critical for establishing the kind of mood we want to establish. Light reflection occurs when light waves make contact with a surface that does not absorb the radiating energy that is produced by them and the waves are bounced back away from that surface.

    The reflection of light is very predictable. When a light wave makes contact with a smooth surface it is bounced directly back at the source. But when a light wave makes contact with a rough or textured surface like Belka the reflected beam is broken up into many light waves that are scattered or diffused in all directions. In a room, the diffused light beams result in softer more natural lighting, reduced light intensity, the reduction or elimination of shadows, enhancement of the rooms décor or aesthetic appeal and a feeling of tranquility that invites relaxation.

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2009 Best New Product Award Winner in Australia


2010 “GIC Award” from GIC International Organization



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